Darn Tough



We live and work in Vermont. Our backyard is the perfect testing ground to make the finest Premium All Weather Performance Socks. We ski, snowboard, hike, bike and run in the most unforgiving climate in the lower 48. It is under these conditions that we design, test and manufacture our socks.


Spring Summer 2018 Workbook

High Density Knitting


More knit stitches per inch equates to durability and cushioning without bulk.

Performance Fit

From form fitting toe boxes to sculpted heel pockets and knit-in elastic support at the arch, our knitting techniques produce the finest fitting performance sock available.

Merino Wool

Our custom count, shrink treated Merino wool enhances the comfort and durability that outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect from this fiber.


Because wool is not for everyone. We use an exclusive Coolmax® blend to create a sock with exceptional softness, durability and superior moisture management.

Ribbed Knit

Form fitting to the contours of your calf, shin and ankle ensuring a custom fit.

Ribbed Ankle Support

No Slipping. No Bunching. Helps prevent blisters.

Elastic Arch Support

Knit into the arch of all of our socks to provide added endurance.

Ring Toe Construction

Terry loops surrounding the toe create a comfortable invisible seam.

All of our socks are Guaranteed For Life—no questions asked!


Founded by Kevin Sansalone in Whistler, Canada, Sandbox is a uniquely rider-owned company that has been developing rider inspired products since 2004. Sandbox got its start as a video production company when Kevin and friends started filming the next generation of Canadian pro snowboarders. In 2007, Sandbox’s venture into manufacturing began when we started developing helmets that were stylish enough for riders to film in. Sandbox’s unique brim model was an instant crowd pleaser in the snowboard community in Whistler. Since then, we have been building our brand organically through grass roots involvement in camps and events, social media and team rider support and exposure. As such, Sandbox has now grown into a worldwide multi season brand, having added helmets for wake, skate and bike to our lineup, as well as goggles, sunglasses, soft goods, and accessories. Here at Sandbox we understand action sports are continually progressing, and with them, so are riders’ needs for safety, comfort and style. Our commitment to progression and creativity make Sandbox one of the industry’s most respected helmet manufacturers.

Celtek Gloves

We created Celtek with the idea of meshing the life we live into the products that we use daily.

Our life’s about the six-inch rule – if it snows more than six inches, you drop everything and go snowboard with your friends. The dedication to getting first chair, duckin’ ropes and doing whatever you gotta do to get face shots and first tracks on a powder day is what we live for. It’s about pushing it to the next level and progressing. It’s a total commitment to being the best at whatever you do.

We’ve brought that commitment to everything we do at Celtek, starting with handpicking some of the best snowboarders in the world to help design, develop and test our products. With the team’s input we’ve created a totally revamped product line that includes allover print tees, sherpa-lined hoodies, headwear, accessories and of course gloves, which is where it all started. Innovation continues this year with the gloves – trimmed down for better dexterity and function, with high-tech materials that bring the warmth and comfort to an all-time high.

Working throughout the year, we aim to produce the best gear to perform in any conditions so we’ll never miss out on an epic powder day with our friends, what life’s all about.


The evolution of LifeStraw has been a remarkable journey. It started in 1994 when the Carter Center approached LifeStraw’s parent company, Vestergaard, to develop a filter that could remove Guinea worm larvae from water it was contaminating. Vestergaard designed a cloth filter but then evolved it into a more effective pipe form in 1999. Today, more than 37 million LifeStraw Guinea Worm filters have contributed to the near-eradication of the disease.


Meet Luci – the little light that does BIG things.

MPOWERD created Luci, an inflatable solar light, in 2012 with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation — from outdoor camping adventures to backyard parties to everyday living for people in developing countries without electricity.

Luci taps into a source of light that’s limitless and readily available to everyone on our planet — the sun. Advancements in renewable tech have given us the means to literally put the power of the sun into a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

With Luci, we were aiming for something much bigger than convenience. We want to empower the lives of the 1.5 billion people living without electricity in developing countries.

So we made a light that’s clean and safe – pretty much the opposite of the toxic and expensive kerosene lamps so many depend on – because life doesn’t stop after the sun goes down. And we built a business model that allows us to provide our lights at a price everyone can afford: More retail sales in countries like USA > Lower manufacturing costs > More affordable sales to the developing world.

Luci lights are already making a difference all over the world, from the towns of Nepal to the villages of Uganda to the mountains of Peru.

Through our Give Luci program, you can buy a light for someone who really needs it and send it to them directly.


POC is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists.

The concepts, technologies, and materials used and implemented for the helmets and body armor were developed in close collaboration with POC Lab; POC’s scientific forum that consists of some of the world’s foremost sports medicine experts, brain scientists and specialists in spinal cord injuries.


Ride is dedicated to meaningful innovation, burning through the hype to find real technologies that address individual rider needs.

Founded in Redmond, Washington, in late 1992, Ride hit the market with a vision — to create a snowboard company on the basis of uncompromised fun. Today, based in Seattle, Ride continues to stay true to its original goals. Offering a full range of quality boards, boots, bindings & apparel, Ride has worked tirelessly to maintain its distinct brand identity, push the limits of product innovation, and has firmly established itself as a leader in the snowboard industry.

Dalbello Ski Boots

Although dalbello began producing ski boots in 1974, founders alessandro and giovanna dal bello perfected their trade as ski boot building “artisans” at the henke ski boot factory in switzerland in the early 1960’s. upon returning to italy with their new, young, family, they started stitching leather ski boot uppers for henke under contract. “Although we were happy to be back in italy, as contract component manufacturers, we were limited in our ability to showcase our real talents as ski boot craftsmen. We knew that our ideas and creativity were not being efficiently utilized, and we were confident that we could make a better business producing ski boots on our own” said alessandro dal bello, ceo. “so, that’s exactly what they did. The first dalbello ski boots were sold in austria in 1974”.


Alpine winter sports as we know them today were still very much in their infancy some 50 years ago. Sports journalist and ski instructor Hannes Marker, concerned by injuries suffered by his eager students and other inexperienced skiers on the slopes of the Bavarian Alps, resolved to lessen the sport’s inherent risks. And in so doing, he founded the company MARKER. Marker determined that inadequately responsive skiing equipment represented the single biggest cause of injuries. His perfectionist, problem-solving approach and commitment to arduous work paid off.


The old adage,"the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts" holds true with the Völkl company.  Every one of our products combines cutting-edge technology and high quality with our boundless passion for sports and the experience and skills of the Völkl team.

Whether skis, snowboards or sportswear – everything with the Völkl brand is the result of tireless research and development efforts. Völkl embodies quality products & German Precision. This label isn't lip service as far as we're concerned, but a tried and tested reality. As the only manufacturer still developing and making skis in Germany, we regard ""Made in Germany"" as a commitment to quality workmanship and as a promise of quality to you, our customers. 

Kuat Racks

Küat Racks designs lightweight, stylish and easy-to-use products that help cyclists and adventurers get out and do more. What began as an idea for a better way to transport bikes in 2008 has evolved into a thriving company that creates high-end, awesomely engineered hitch racks, roof racks and accessories that push the envelope of innovation. 

With a team of industry experts and avid cyclists, Küat is a machine fueled by bright ideas and heated debates that consistently deliver innovative solutions that chase that perfect balance of style and substance with core function and simplicity.