Celtek Gloves

We created Celtek with the idea of meshing the life we live into the products that we use daily.

Our life’s about the six-inch rule – if it snows more than six inches, you drop everything and go snowboard with your friends. The dedication to getting first chair, duckin’ ropes and doing whatever you gotta do to get face shots and first tracks on a powder day is what we live for. It’s about pushing it to the next level and progressing. It’s a total commitment to being the best at whatever you do.

We’ve brought that commitment to everything we do at Celtek, starting with handpicking some of the best snowboarders in the world to help design, develop and test our products. With the team’s input we’ve created a totally revamped product line that includes allover print tees, sherpa-lined hoodies, headwear, accessories and of course gloves, which is where it all started. Innovation continues this year with the gloves – trimmed down for better dexterity and function, with high-tech materials that bring the warmth and comfort to an all-time high.

Working throughout the year, we aim to produce the best gear to perform in any conditions so we’ll never miss out on an epic powder day with our friends, what life’s all about.