Review: POC Receptor Bug Adjustable 2.0 Helmet

WHAT THEY SAY: "Receptor BUG Adjustable offers award winning design and safety and is equipped with a size adjustment system, making the helmet suitable for even more users. The patented VDSAP system with two overlapping shells protects from sharp objects, while providing ventilation that can be closed for colder days. The advanced outer shell in ABS makes a robust barrier while the in-mold polycarbonate/EPS inner helmet provides shock absorption."

WHAT ALF SAYS: There’s a clue in the name of the Receptor Bug Adjustable as to how it’s different than a lot of POC helmets, by adjusting it quickly and easily via a slider at the back. Not all POC helmets have this facility, which is obviously useful for obtaining a close fit or if you want to wear a beanie under the helmet.

It uses POC’s ‘overlapping shell’ system, with an ABS outer shell designed to protect against sharp objects in the event of a fall, and an in-mould polycarbonate/EPS inner shell for shock absorption. There’s adequate ventilation through eight vents; these can be opened or closed, although you have to remove part of the liner to do so.