HEROCLIP Makes Gadget Flow's Best Products of the Year

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2018 in review – Gadget Flow’s best voted products of the year

by Madhurima Nag

What are some of our most recent favorite products? You can find all of our recent favorites under the Staff Picks category here.

  • What are some of the latest tech releases? You can stay updated with the latest major tech products releases from our category here.

  • Are there any futuristic smart home gadgets? Given the current pace of change, some new products feel like old hat. But these futuristic smart home gadgets should impress even early adopters.

The last twelve months have been rife with impressive design, technology, and new products. Some of the biggest brands continued to wow us with newer versions while smaller brands paved the way with innovative technology. From augmented reality to unique clocks, we’ve compiled our list of the best voted products of 2018.

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