Five Ten Celebrates Women's Mountain Biking

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 By CJ Selig  

As an employee of Five Ten I could reach out to several women’s camps because we (Five Ten) provide their clinics with demo shoes. I wanted to examine their motivation and impact.

Mountain Biking is the best sport in the world; everyone can find their own way to enjoy it. From the adrenaline of competition to the tranquility of the great outdoors our sport benefits anyone who wishes to see the world and be active.

It takes a concentrated effort to turn a day of mountain biking into a lifetime spent in the dirt with your favorite set of wheels. Traditionally this transformation happened less often for women, but today many begin this journey with a skills clinic.

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A skills clinic can improve your ability on a bike. This sounds obvious but constant improvement is key to spending years revisiting your local trails or dreaming up holidays that include your bike. Candace Shadley of the Trek Dirt Series knows the importance of pressing women to improve their riding.

 My favourite part of my job is seeing how happy people get when they accomplish something they didn’t previously think they could do, and knowing that those feelings of success and possibility will translate from the trail into their everyday lives.

Candace Shadley

Any coach or teacher will confirm the challenge inherent in guiding others. Tina Bek and Tina Lang have teamed up to run the Tinas’ Backyard Trail Jam to tackle this challenge. Tina Lang summed this up into the classic ‘aha-effect.’

 Many participants already got some tips before the course, be it from their men, or other courses. Then you tell them that there is another ‘easier/right’ technique, for example ‘your bike can’t move when you pinch the saddle between your legs.’ Then they try it - AHA – and are so happy with this information...

Tina Lang

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